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Where Are All

The Instruments?

The perfect book for 2-6 year olds to learn about the instruments of the European Orchestra in a full colour adventure book!

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"Where All The Instruments, is a brilliant book which not only draws on the richness of the diversity of Orchestra but cleverly weaves in the teaching and learning for children when it comes to naming instruments.


Incorporating a hide and seek feel to discovering where the various instruments are hiding as each page turns means that the children can be involved in a really engaging and fun element as the great mystery of where all the instruments have gone is revealed.


The illustrations go to brilliant lengths to stimulate imaginative places as the landscapes go from the beach to outer-space and the team spirit of the "Why Squad" is a beautiful reminder for children about why working together as a team is so important.


A book where all children can see themselves reflected and where their own understanding of who they can be is brilliantly executed"

- Liz Pemberton, The Black Nursery Manager

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