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S1E11 - Florence Price ft. Elizabeth de Brito

Florence Price was a composer who became the first Black woman to have a symphony performed by a major orchestra. Her Symphony in E minor is one of her most famous pieces, and her life and music has influenced many black women around the world. This episode also features Elizabeth de Brito who hosts a classical music radio show called The Daffodil Project. Listen and learn about Florence Price's life, music and how much she has impacted Elizabeth's life.

Chineke! Orchestra - Florence B. Price Symphony No.1 in E minor, 1st mvt

Sonata in E minor "Andante" by Florence Price (Samantha Ege)

Additional information:

Listen as Nate Holder tells a short history of the Beach Boys, full of questions and fun facts. Specially made for kids, The Why Music Podcast is created to learn about the lives and music of musicians throughout history. Perfect for music teachers to help encourage a diverse and inclusive music education.



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