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11 free worksheets based on podcast episodes from the Why Music Podcast. Podcast episodes can be found on Spotify, Apple Podcast and other podcast platforms

Women's History Month Worksheets (Why Music Podcast)

  • S1E2 - Sis Rosetta Tharpe

    S1E4 - Joceyln C Chambers (interview)

    S1E5 - Kathryn Bostic (interview)

    S1E8 - Joni Mitchell

    S1E9 - Lata Mangeshkar

    S1E11 - Florence Price (interview with Elizabeth de Brito)

    S2E2 - Marian Anderson

    S2E3 - Queen Latifah

    S2E6 - Ella Jarman-Pinto (interview)

    S2E7 - Yoko Kanno

    S2E8 - Florence Foster Jenkins

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