Everything you've ever wanted to know about the piano – in one place!


"A great book filled with fun facts. 

A must-have for young music enthusiasts!"
A.Charles - Secondary Music Teacher


I love this book! It is very interesting and contains lots of facts about the piano

Chrissy - aged 10

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Why Is My Piano

Black And White?

From Beethoven to Billy Joel, Mozart to Mary Lou Williams, and Scott Joplin to Stevie Wonder, be inspired by some of the most interesting people who have ever played the piano.

Why Is My Piano Black and White? ​takes you on a musical journey to help you discover the weird and wonderful world of the piano, and the people who make music on it! Filled with fun facts, jokes, quizzes and music-after you read it, the piano will never be the same again!

Why Is My Piano Black And White

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All of the tunes you find in the book are available to listen to on free Spotify playlists! Simply scan the QR codes in the back of the book, and listen while you read all about your favourite instrument!