Listening Activity #5 - The Beatboxer, the Flute and the Orchestra

Is there a right or wrong way to play an instrument??. Greg Patillo is one of a number of musicians who prove that an instrument can be played in many different ways and combining many different skills. His most famous video is this one of him playing the Super Mario Theme tune and beatboxing on the flute which has been viewed nearly 26 million times. Why? Probably because it's fascinating to watch someone do something totally different with a traditional instrument from the orchestra. There are so many different things you can do on your instrument, and so many musicians on YouTube are showing you that everything is possible! You have a crazy idea on your violin? Try it out! And remember, you don't have to play classical music just because you might play an instrument from the orchestra. Just have fun with others, play music you like and try new things!

  • How has Greg Patillo changed the melody from the original (if at all)?

  • How do Greg and Eric make sure there's a solid rhythm throughout the song?

  • How many different sounds can you hear Greg make?

  • What song do you think would sound good if Greg and Eric played it?

  • What sounds do you think are possible on your instrument?

  • How would you describe the texture?