Listening Activity #17 - Inauguration Day

On the 20th Jan 2021, Joe Biden will become the 46th President of the United States. We are all hoping that the day and the ceremony go smoothly, especially because of what happened during the storming of the US Capitol a couple of weeks ago.

This video is from one of the events leading up to President Bill Clinton's inauguration in 1993. President Clinton was a saxophonist, and to surprise him, some of the most popular American saxophone players of the time, played ... To top it off, they were introduced by a young Will Smith!

Here's a list of the saxophone players in order of their solos. Recognise any names?

  • David Sanborn

  • Grover Washington Jr.

  • Curtis Stigers

  • Gerald Albright

  • Kirk Whalum

  • Tom Scott

  • Kenny G

  • Gerry Mulligan

  • Dave Koz

  • Michael Brecker

  • Which solo do you prefer? Why?

  • Which solo don't you like? Why not?

  • What do you think is on the black cards?

  • Can you name the 5 different types of saxophones in the video?

  • What happens at 3:13?

  • Do you think it's harder to play the saxophone outside?

  • If you were about to become the President, who would you want performing at your inauguration?