Listening Activity #15 - Happy Birthday Ghana!

Ghana is the name,

We wish to proclaim,

We will be jolly merry and gay,

The 6th of March Independence day.

This song was written and performed by Lord Kitchener in 1957 to celebrate Ghana getting their independence from Great Britain after years of war, slavery and trade. It tells a short version of the Ghanaian independence story, a description of the flag and even the congratulations from another African ruler.

The use of music as a way to tell stories is a feature of many different genres from all over the world. Listen to Lord Kitchener's vocal style. It's almost like he's casually telling a story to friends and family rather than trying to deliver a serious vocal performance.

  • Where was Lord Kitchener from?

  • What instrument plays at 0:32?

  • Can you find Ghana on a map?

  • What style of music is this?

  • How would you describe the rhyme scheme he uses?

  • How old is Ghana now (in 2018)?