Lesson #2 - Adele, The Roots and Classroom Instruments

With 2.15 billion views on YouTube, Adele’s Hello is currently the 16th most viewed video of all time. In this version, she is singing live with one of the most famous hip hop bands of all time called The Roots…playing classroom instruments? Many of us think that instruments like glockenspiels, kazoos and banana shakers aren't able to make serious music. Professional musicians would never play on such basic instruments would they? Aren't they just beginners instruments that you play on until they are ready to play instruments like violins or clarinets? This video shows us what is possible with a bright idea, good song and random instruments. The playing isn’t perfect, there are a few mistakes here and there, but they are having so much fun!

  • Which instruments can you hear?

  • Can you play along with any instrument you have?

  • What was your favourite part of the song?

  • Which instruments are playing chords?

  • What would you change if you had to do this with your friends?

  • Listen to the original. What differences are there between the original and this version? Think about the structure and the instruments.