#24 Rob Bradley - Speak Your Truth

I had the pleasure of sitting down with rapper and public speaker Rob Bradley for the podcast.

There are so many tunes released everyday which talk about 'my haters' or 'living your best life', that you wonder where the real artists are. Where are the people talking about the latest changes in government or poverty or income inequality? Where are the artists talking about mental health awareness and self confidence? Look no further than Rob.

In our conversation we spoke about his music and how his words have touched peoples lives including a tune about getting a lump checked on his testicle. That gives you some insight into who Rob is. Unafraid to talk about the real, everyday things that bother us all, in this episode Rob talks about his own personal journey to find his voice and speak his truth through his music.

He works with many children across the country and has helped them to gain confidence by using hip-hop in workshops, helping them to craft lyrics that reflect their lives rather than making up stories about gun violence and prison.

Check out episode 24 and check out Rob’s TEDx talks on Youtube

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