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Rachel Huggins
Singers Vs Vocalists

Rachel Huggins is a music teacher by day and a singer by night. Listen as we talk about the relationship between singers and musicians, how to lead a band and the difference between singers and vocalists.

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Andre Saxman Brown
Faith, Family & Finances

Andre Saxman Brown is a multi-instrumentalist based in Luton, but performs at events all over the UK, France, Italy and Thailand. Listen how he tells all about his philosophy on performance, Bell's Palsy, how to value yourself as a freelance musician and how his faith affects everything he does.




Going With The Flow

Tashomi is a saxophonist based in London with a deep interest in Eastern spirituality. Listen as he tells all about his upcoming projects, the advantages of busking and his musical influences.





SaraJane is a German singer who has just released her second album on her own label called Fuel. Listen as she talks about the concept behind the album, having a life coach and getting ready to appear on German national TV.

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Brendon Smith
Eyes Wide Shut

Brendon Smith is an artist who has just released a single entitled Eyes Wide Shut. Listen as we talk about the pressures of being an independent artist, staying grounded and connecting with listeners.

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What's Your Purpose?

Cherise is the 2019 Jazz FM Vocalist of the Year and lead singer for the band Nubian Twist. In this honest and revealing episode, we discuss the process of recording her debut EP, knowing your purpose and why she loves Anita Baker so much!

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Annalena Doss
I Hear Voices!!

Annalena Doss is a voiceover artist and singer based in Hamburg, Germany. Listen as she talks about the Estill Voice Training method, doing voiceover work for Netflix, vocal training for transgender women and how to sound like Kermit the Frog!

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Lewis Daniel

States of Being

Lewis Daniel is a saxophonist, arranger and composer based in London who has worked with the House Gospel Choir and Rachel Kerr. I caught up with him to talk about his upcoming EP, studying at Guildhall and how death motivates him.

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Amy Fitz Doyley
My Solo Tour

Amy Fitz Doyley is a singer-songwriter who studied at the BRIT school and has supported Gregory Porter and Public Enemy so far in her career. Listen as she talks about putting herself on tour, Buddhism, her songwriting process and championing other women in the music industry.

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Zoe Sofair


Zoe Sofair is a virtual assistant and creative who works with some of the top musicians, agencies and event planners in the world. Listen as she talks about why having an assistant is important, understanding your strengths and how she organises herself and her clients.



Nature vs Nurture

The story of Mozart is one of the most fascinating stories in Western classical music. But is there more to Mozart than just the boy who started composing at age 5? Nate takes a quick look at the full story in an effort to settle the nature vs nurture debate once and for all.



Rob Bradley

Speak Your Truth

Rob Bradley is a rapper, educator and speaker. He has given two TED talks and visits schools across the UK giving workshops using rap to improve literacy and confidence. In this episode we talk about:
Rob's top 5 favourite rappers
Why Hip-Hop should be used in schools
Why you should release your own music

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Stuart Barr
nSpire Me

Stuart Barr is the founder of nSpire Me and creator of the app 'Let's Play Violin', an app which helps children to practise their violin at home. Stuart's career highlights include conducting Dame Shirley Bassey for 6 years, teaching at the Royal Academy Of Music and leading the London Youth Choir.

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Nadine Lee

Nadine Lee is a multi-instrumentalist from London who has just released her first project called Finally Nadine. We discuss her project as well as life as a musician, mother, wife and a black woman in the music industry.

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Nick Bottini
Just Play

Nick Bottini is a saxophonist, music coach and the best selling author of the book 'Just Play - The Simple Truth Behind Musical Excellence'.
Who are you before you started to play an instrument? Does your music define you?

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Daniel Holder
I Am Church

Author Daniel Holder talks about his first book entitled 'I Am Church', life as a dad and how he has been able to turn tragedy and passion into praise.

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Lorena Dale

Wicked Ways

Lorena Dale is a singer from Australia currently living in London. Her EP called Wicked Ways is out now on all platforms. Listen to her talk about the process of recording the music, to crowdfunding and a technique called tapping.

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Brittnee Habbib Finding My Voice

Brittnee Habbib is a gymnastics coach who won a bronze medal at the 2006 Commonwealth Games for Canada. Listen to her journey to self-acceptance and how she empowers young women through her Hip-Hop gymnastic program called G-Powered.



Camilla George

The People Could Fly

Camilla George is a London based saxophonist who has just released her 2nd album called The People Could Fly featuring Omar, Sarah Tandy and Cherise Adams-Burnett. We talk about how her West African and Caribbean heritage influences her music, all things Kenny Garrett and the thriving London Jazz scene.

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Sarah Aluko Firstborn

Sarah Aluko is a London based poet and author of the poetry collection Firstborn. Her words come from personal experience and have touched the lives of women all over the world. Find out the inspiration behind her poetry and how she continues to perfect her craft as a poet and writer.



Bob Mover

NYC, Jazz and Michael Brecker

In an honest and insightful conversation, legendary New York based saxophonist Bob Mover sits down with Nate to talk about what he's learnt in close to 50 years in the music industry, his influences and his close friendship with the late Michael Brecker.


Jarritt Sheel & Ethan Hein

I'm Ivory And He's Ebony

Jarritt Sheel and Ethan Hein are music educators based in New York currently working and studying at NYU. We talk about the role of Hip-Hop and Pop in music education, Thundercat, Trap music, and why so many people have stopped studying music.



Dr Shirley Thompson

New Nation Rising

Award winning speaker and composer Dr Shirley Thompson is one of the most important composers of a generation. She is a critically acclaimed classical composer having been commissioned to write for Queen Elizabeth's Golden Jubilee, the 2012 Olympic Games ceremony as well as being the first woman to compose and musically direct for a major drama on the BBC.



 London Is The Place For Me (Black History Month Special)

Nate touches on the life and music of Lord Kitchener, a Calypsonian who wrote about his experiences and observations about 1950-60's London in his music. How important is his music in helping us understand the generation who came over on the SS Windrush?



Cassie Kinoshi
Headwraps & Jazz

In this Black History Month special episode, UK alto saxophonist and composer Cassie Kinoshi tells all about her trailblazing bands including the award winning all female collective Nérija, her love for Jackie McClean, the legacy of Colonialism, and how her roots and culture influence her composition.



Alina Bzhezinska

What's Wrong With Your Mouth?!

This was such a great and funny conversation! London based Harpist Alina Bzhezhinska talks about her journey to becoming one of the top Harpists in the UK, discovering the music of Alice Coltrane, working for the King of Thailand plus the joys of motherhood.



Nonhle Beryl

Don't Be Comfortable Being Comfortable

Star South African artist Nonhle Beryl wanted to work in a lab before winning a competition to tour America at the age of 14. Now she works at the Lion King Theatre in Germany and discusses her journey there, internet trolls and her love for all things Beyoncé.


 Isobella Burnham

Are Singers Musicians Too??

Bajan bass player Isobella Burnham talks about her experience in London, learning the bass and tackles that all important question: Are singers musicians too??



Jnr Robinson

Chilling With Chaka Khan (parts 1&2)

Gospel singer Junior Robinson tells all about UK gospel music in the 1980's, chilling with Chaka Khan and performing in front of 2 Popes at the Vatican.




A Head Can't Be A Backside!

Akil Henry and Olecia Addo from OneSound sit down and talk about their business, reaching 500,000 views on YouTube and how their faith informs their business.



Marshall Titus

Tap Dancing On A Tightrope

US Singer, actor and producer Marshall Titus sits down with Nate to talk about his new album called Send A Little Love, his personal philosophy and being true to self.


Mabel Agbenorto
Moving Forward

London based Gospel singer Mabel Agbenorto sits down with Nate to talk about her work, upbringing in church and her journey to releasing her new album 'Moving Forward'.



Connection Is Key

SaraJane sits down with Backstage Spotlight to talk about her journey to recording her first album #StepOne, singing backing vocals for one of Germany's biggest stars (Ina Müller), how she connects with her audiences and much much more



Nora Bite

From Latvia To London

Nora Bite is a Jazz Guitarist from originally from Latvia, now based in London. Since she moved she has performed with artists such as Amy Winehouse, as well as starting up her own weekly jam session. Hear her talk about her journey, learning the guitar, Aikido and finding the right musicians.

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Rupert Noble

The Saxophone Whisperer

With over 17,000 instruments repaired and a client list featuring some of the best saxophonists in the world, find out how Rupert Noble became one of the leading saxophone repairers in the UK, his take on the new wave of young musicians, why vintage horns are better than modern ones and the only lick in his repertoire.

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