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Where Are All The Instruments?


The brand new musical adventure book for 2-6 year olds!

Can you help the Why Squad to find all the instruments in time?

European Orchestra


The Answers to questions you never knew you had!!

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Where Are All The Black

Female Composers?

The first children's illustrated reference book all about Black female composers! Learn about composers like Nora Holt, Florence Price, and Errollyn Wallen, through fun facts, quizzes and of course, their music!

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Why Is My Piano Black

And White?

Discover the weird and wonderful world of the piano and many people who have played and written music on it. Filled with fun facts, jokes, quizzes and music-after you read it, the piano will never be the same again!

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I Wish I Didn't Quit:

Music Lessons

Your child starts playing an instrument. Then they grow frustrated, impatient and bored. Then they quit and years later wish they didn't. Why?

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About The Author


Nathan Holder is a musician, author and consultant based in London. He received his Masters in Music Performance from Kingston University, while winning the MMus Prize for Outstanding Achievement.


As a musician, he has performed with artists such as Ed Sheeran, The Arkells and Zoe Birkett, and performed in locations in Dubai, Bali, USA and across Europe. His first book published in 2018 is called

I Wish I Didn’t Quit: Music Lessons.

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